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What is water like?

Melt water is water that, before becoming melted, was subjected to a freezing process followed by phased defrosting. Those. this process is nothing more than a natural, “natural filter” of water purification.

Alkaline is water, the pH (pH) of which is equal to or greater than 7.1.

The benchmark for the Tala Voda campaign in the manufacture of its products is the pH of healthy human blood, which ranges from 7.35 to 7.45.

Important! The products of the Tala Voda campaign are based on artesian water, which is alkaline. Those. no artificial alkalization is used in the cooking process.

Distilled water - water that is obtained by distillation, i.e. first, it is heated, after which the evaporation of water begins, followed by cooling and condensation of vapors.

Thus, at the outlet, water is obtained, purified from mineral salts, organic substances and other impurities dissolved in it. The dry residue mass of distilled water should be no more than 5 mg / dm3, pH should be in the range of 5.4-6.6 (GOST 6709-72)

Water is called neutral, the pH (pH) of which is 7.

Acidic is water, the pH (pH) of which is less than 7.

Mineral water is water that is extracted from a natural aquifer, protected from anthropogenic impact, and which has retained its natural composition, i.e. was not subjected to artificial mixing, desalination, artificial mineralization, etc.

Mineral water contains dissolved salts, trace elements, and biologically active substances. Depending on the parameter "total mineralization", mineral waters are divided into:

  • fresh (mineralization up to 1 g / l inclusive);
  • slightly mineralized (mineralization 1-2 g / l);
  • low mineralized (mineralization 2-5 g / l);
  • medium mineralized (mineralization 5-10 g / l);
  • highly mineralized (mineralization 10-15 g / l inclusive).

Depending on the purpose, drinking mineral waters are divided into classes:

  • canteens;
  • medical dining rooms
  • medicinal.

For the preparation of melt water, we use artesian water of the Jurassic horizon (well depth 310 m), which is initially of very high quality and complies with the state standard (DSanPin 2.2.4-171-10).

IMPORTANT FOR UNDERSTANDING: artesian water at such a depth is completely protected from any impact "from above" - more than 100-meter layers of sandstone and clay completely protect the water from ANY surface pollution.

Those. the location of the well itself, given the depth, does not affect the quality of the water - the water from it will be of excellent quality everywhere - whether it be a city, a suburb, or 100 km from a city, etc. A well is not a spring - when pumped from depth, artesian water does not mix with water from the surface layers.

Well location: Kiev, st. Severno-Syretskaya, 49a, artesian well No. 7 (well depth 310 m, Jurassic horizon).

Artesian water, which is the basis of our alkaline melt water, already tastes good from the start. But in order to get the maximum result - water of exceptional taste and softness (spring taste, sweet aftertaste), we infuse it on minerals for 7 days.

The best teacher is nature. We did not invent anything, but watched how the natural process of purification (physical and "energetic" planes) of water occurs in nature. And also, we took into account the experience of previous generations. Freeze water purification is one of the safest methods of water purification. And also, one of the few that allows you to structure water at the molecular level.

First of all, there is no such need, since our alkaline melt water is based on artesian water. Second, filters make their own adjustments to the composition of the water, taking away both "good and bad" from it. Also, filters change taste. Accordingly, the water after the filter is "artificial". As we have said many times, there are no artificial filters in nature. In order to preserve the taste and balanced composition in its products, Tala Voda does not use any filters and strongly opposes the use of artificial mineralization processes.

Order, delivery and payment

To order our products, you need:

  • choose in which container you want to order (in a bottle or in a bottle);
  • leave a request (the "Leave a request" button), call the operator at the number indicated on the website, or write to us on the Instagram page.

Payment for the order is carried out in the following ways:

  • cash to the driver-courier;
  • online via Liqpay: our manager will send you a payment link in the messenger.
  • we can issue an invoice to your email via LiqPay.

We pour melted alkaline water into glass bottles. The volume of the bottle is 16 liters. The series of bottled water for the home is called "Luxe Home Edition". It is the most profitable option from the economic point of view and convenient in operation.

Dimensions: 55 cm - height, 28 cm - in diameter.

For comparison, a standard plastic bottle: 49 cm - height, 26 cm - diameter

At Tala Voda, there are two main options for bottle design: standard and exclusive.

The first option: the bottle is decorated with a braided rope.

The second option is the possibility of ordering an individual design of a bottle for the style of the interior of the room. Production time is on average 7 days. This is 100% hand made, and the possible upholstery material: leather or eco-leather.

Examples of the work performed can be found on our Instagram page.

All bottles are equipped with an electric pump with USB charging.

If you live in Kiev or a suburb - we can come to you with a new, full bottle and make a replacement container. Or do not change the container, but simply pour the water.

If you live in another city, we send you (for example, by Novaya Pochta) in a disposable container, melted alkaline water, which, upon arrival, you will pour into a glass bottle on your own.

Delivery of bottles (across Ukraine) is free. Delivery outside Ukraine is calculated individually.

Benefits and impact

The main thing that melt alkaline water is useful for is its purity - both on the physical plane and on the "energetic" plane, that is. devoid of "dirt" at all levels.

Second, due to the freezing process, the water is structured, which, in turn, makes the water quickly assimilated by the body.

Third, the intake of melted alkaline water is the fastest way to stabilize the acid-base balance of the body, i.e. preservation of health.

There are no medical contraindications - it has been proven by time and generations! On the contrary, there are thousands of experiments and scientific papers about the exceptional benefits of melt water. Water purification through freezing is a natural, “natural filter” of water purification. And there can be nothing bad and harmful in it.

No, melt alkaline water has no age restrictions.

Interesting fact: In the USSR, in farming programs, even before the invention of GMO products and various additives, chickens were given melt water in order for them to grow faster and get sick less.

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