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For a long time, people treated melt water with special respect. Our ancestors used it as a kind of rejuvenation tool. Also, in their opinion, the use of melt water contributed to an increase in physical activity and improved health.

Research by modern scientists has fully proven this phenomenon. They say that during the freezing process, water crystallizes and changes its structure. Thanks to this, the molecules of the healing liquid acquire energetic properties that are similar to the energy potential of human cells, which enables the cell membrane and the organism to quickly assimilate water.

At the same time, ice formation serves as a kind of water purification mechanism, i.e. is essentially a filter. When water is frozen, it is purified of impurities and isotopic molecules. Such a biologically active liquid brings exceptional benefits to any living organism and gradually rejuvenates it.


The taste of drinking tap and bottled water, which is offered to Ukrainian consumers, leaves much to be desired. Such a liquid has a specific taste even after mechanical cleaning and filtration at water treatment plants. This is due to the high content of chlorine, iron, sulfates and various impurities harmful to the human body.

Tala Voda products differ from typical bottled water in taste, quality, composition, and effect on the body. This is possible due to the use in production of the results of comprehensive research in the field of the impact of water on human health, since 2011.

In addition, the quality of our product belongs to the "luxury" class, because has a unique recipe. For its preparation, water is used, extracted from an artesian well at a depth of 120-250 m. For 7 days, it is infused with minerals and acquires an exceptional soft taste. Further, the water goes through several cycles of freezing and thawing, after which it becomes structured melt water - a crystal clear healing drink.


Previously, mountain springs and snow melting after winter served as sources of melt water. Today, massive environmental pollution does not allow the use of "natural" water. Snow or ice taken from the street, after melting, will turn into a muddy puddle that requires cleaning. It is also not recommended to cool and freeze the water taken from the tap.

To prepare a quality luxury product, the Tala Voda company freezes and thaws water using a unique technology. Previously, the drink goes through a long stage of mineralization. Such water treatment allows you to saturate with useful substances, make the water softer and tastier.


Ukrainians are used to ordering drinking water in plastic flasks and considering it drinkable. However, the use of such a container has a bad effect on the quality of the drink. After all, plastic poisons the water, filling it with bisphenol A and other harmful substances.

Tala Voda offers safe packaging. Purified at the molecular (one might say, cellular) level, the product of our brand is supplied to consumers exclusively in glass containers (only dark glass is used):

  • bottles - 0.5 l;
  • bottles - 16 liters.

Poured into such a container, melt water does not contain "informational dirt" and is easily absorbed by the body. In addition, glass vessels allow you to fully preserve the taste and useful properties of melt water for about 60 days.

Products of ТМ Tala Voda have a unique protection system. Each bottle has a personal identification number, which can be used to track the delivery address and other useful information.


There are various rumors about the beneficial properties of non-chlorinated melt water. It is believed that drinking glacial water improves immunity and rejuvenates. Is it really? And what is the therapeutic effect of consuming melted ice?

Comprehensive studies prove that molecularly purified alkaline melt water does more than quench thirst. During freezing, the crystal structure of the life-giving drink and its energy change. Therefore, the use of TM Tala Voda products contributes to:

  • improving digestion;
  • normalization of blood circulation and improvement of blood composition;
  • acceleration of recovery processes and improvement of metabolism;
  • increasing efficiency and brain activity;
  • cleansing the intestines (for a product that tastes like spring water, completely removes toxins and harmful substances within a few days after the start of intake);
  • normalization of kidney function;
  • maintaining the optimal acid-base balance;
  • improving the condition of the skin.

Tala Voda products heal and tone the human body, rejuvenate it at the cellular level, and promote weight loss. By regularly consuming melt water before meals, our clients consume fewer calories and lose excess weight.

You can learn more about the recrystallization of melt water and order its delivery by contacting Tala Voda consultants. Applications are accepted by phone and online. Contact us!

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