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Alkaline water in Ukraine is very popular as a means of rejuvenation and a kind of stimulant. Its use allows you to slow down the aging process and normalize the acid-base balance of the body. Due to its pH and composition, regular intake of this product helps to improve the functioning of all internal systems and organs.

What is this concept? What are the benefits? Experts of the Tala Voda company will help to understand this.


All fluids, internal organs and human systems have a different pH balance. For example, the average acid-base balance of blood is 7.35-7.45 units, lymph - 7.5, saliva - from 6.8. Stress, increased exertion, bad habits and frequent consumption of "unhealthy" food can lead to a decrease or increase in this indicator, which, in turn, inevitably causes illness. Alkaline water, which can be both low-mineral and rich in minerals, carbonated (even natural) and non-carbonated, will help to restore the pH balance that is optimal for the body and normalize the body's work.

At its core, alkaline water is water (no matter how it is obtained) with a pH value above 7. And alkaline mineral water is water obtained from natural sources. Its main features are acid-base balance above 7 and high content of nutrients. The composition of such a drink is dominated by:

  • sodium ions;
  • magnesia;
  • hydrogen;
  • hydrocabonates;
  • various minerals and nutrients.

The products of ТМ Tala Voda are not mineral in the classical presentation. Traditional alkaline mineral water is bottled immediately after being extracted from an artesian well. And the product offered by our company literally prepares and matures - before pouring, the water is infused with minerals for up to 7 days (the composition and proportions of the stones are classified). Due to the original quality of the raw materials, the end point is that the melt water has an average pH of 7.4.

The drink acquires an exceptionally mild taste and useful properties. Experts recommend consuming a mineral-rich liquid both in the treatment of diseases and daily for prevention. Consultants of the Tala Voda company will tell you more about the peculiarities of receiving melt water in such cases.


Alkaline mineral waters are very beneficial for human health. With regular use, such a product works as a kind of stimulant that contributes to:

  • normalization of biological processes;
  • improving blood circulation and metabolism;
  • accelerated tissue regeneration and rapid wound healing (intake of alkaline mineral water blocks inflammatory processes);
  • increasing immunity and body defenses;
  • improving digestion and appetite;
  • cleansing the body and removing toxins (prevents the accumulation of free radicals and harmful substances in the body);
  • strengthening bone tissue (reduces the risk of fractures and the development of osteoporosis);
  • increasing brain activity and improving memory;
  • normalization of pressure.

Alkaline mineral water without gas perfectly tones up and slows down the aging process. In addition, the use of TM Tala Voda products has a positive effect on the mental state. Rich in nutrients, melt water has an antidepressant effect and helps to quickly overcome stress.


Melt water with a pH balance of 7.4 is an excellent prophylactic agent. It is easily absorbed, invigorates and saturates the body with useful substances. It is recommended to drink this drink in small sips. It is best to do this immediately after sleep, during active sports and 15-20 minutes before meals. You can also drink alkaline melt water to quench your thirst.

Alkaline mineral waters, the composition of which is additionally enriched with useful substances, can also become part of a wellness program. In this case, the scheme for taking melt water can be agreed with the attending physician.


Alkaline water can be taken both as a preventive measure and to fight various diseases. Drinking a mineral-rich drink will be beneficial for:

  • people seeking to lose weight and obese;
  • patients with cystitis and inflammatory processes in the kidneys (under the supervision of the attending physician);
  • patients with colitis, gastritis and diseases of the gastric mucosa;
  • suffering from arthritis and gout;
  • travelers and athletes;
  • people prone to depression, nervous disorders;
  • students and office staff.

Thanks to the optimal pH balance, alkaline water helps to fight overwork and chronic fatigue. You can find out more about this possibility and order the delivery of a drink by contacting Tala Voda managers - call or leave requests on the website!

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